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Faculty Development

Veterinary Education Teaching and Scholarship 

In January 2014, the Faculty Development Working Group (FDWG) identified the goals of the initiative, to design and implement a faculty development program for new-to-teaching faculty.

A needs-assessment survey was sent to faculty at RTA member institutions and a program was then developed to foster a culture of evidence-based best practices in teaching by providing professional development in:

  • Principles of teaching and learning
  • Outcomes and student assessment
  • Approaches to student-teacher interactions

The FDWG set out to develop educational modules that could benefit all faculty, but were designed to benefit early career faculty; these modules could then be used as a part of a full program or as stand-alone sessions (one or more modules) for faculty development. The faculty development program was designed based on the findings of Steinert et al. (2016) who identified key features of effective faculty development programs including, “evidence-informed educational design, relevant content, experiential learning, feedback and reflection, educational projects, intentional community building, longitudinal program design, and institutional support”.

The initial program called the Veterinary Educator Teaching and Scholarship (VETS) program, was designed to cover a breadth of pedagogical topics using an interactive and experiential approach.

Veterinary Educator Teaching and Scholarship (VETS)

Veterinary medical education relies on faculty members with varying degrees of training (formal and informal) in student teaching and learning. The goal of the VETS program is to foster a culture of evidence-based best practices in student teaching by providing faculty training.

Summer 2020 – Teaching in Online and Hybrid Settings sharing sessions

The RTA’s Faculty Development Initiative hosted a series about Teaching in the Online and Hybrid Settings sharing sessions. The goal of each session was for folks from across our programs to share what was working and what was not working in remote and online teaching. All material and recordings are available.

Faculty Development Initiative Committee Members:

  • Chair: Paul Gordon-Ross (WU)
  • Chair-Elect: Karen Boudreaux (UCD)
  • Secretary: TBA
  • Steering Committee Liaison: Christiane Löhr (OSU)

Local Representatives:


  • Paul Avery
  • Kristy Dowers
  • Matthew Johnston
  • Christianne Magee
  • Lisa Schlein
  • Andrew West


  • Rachael Kreisler
  • Jeffrey Norris
  • Jessie Ziegler


  • Holly Bender
  • Zachery Boeder
  • Christopher Hauser
  • Patricia Pelzel
  • Lisa Viesselmann


  • Karen Boudreaux
  • Munashe Chigerwe
  • Po-Yet Chou
  • Elizabeth Montgomery

Western U

  • Ana Alcaraz
  • Beth Boynton
  • Paul Gordon-Ross
  • Ohad Levi
  • Suzana Tkalcic


  • Christiane Löhr
  • Tandi Ngwenyama


  • Briedi Gillespie
  • Samantha Gizerian
  • Sarah Guess
  • Steve Lampa
  • Susan Matthew
  • Tania Perez
  • Heloisa Rutigliano