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Membership Committee

This committee is responsible for evaluating applications for membership and making recommendations to the academy for appropriate action. This committee reviews and updates the application process and the membership roster annually.


The Membership Committee shall consist of two representatives from each of the Consortium member colleges, nominated and elected by the membership from that institution.  Members will be elected in alternate years by a majority vote of the membership from the respective college and shall serve a two-year term.  The Chair of the Membership Committee will be selected by the Committee, and will serve as a liaison to the Steering Committee.

Membership Committee Members

Chair: Leslie Sprunger (WSU) 

Local Representatives/Committee Members:


  • Kristy Dowers
  • Diana Hassel
  • Daniel Smeak


  • Jana Gordon
  • Patrick Chappell


  • Julie Dechant


  • Ana Alcaraz
  • Spring Halland


  • Samantha Gizerian
  • Leslie Sprunger