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Faculty Development

Veterinary Educator Teaching and Scholarship (VETS)

The VETS program was developed with the goal of using the expertise of the entire consortium to improve teaching practices in order to support student learning.

VETS Learning Objectives:

  • Gain knowledge of educational concepts and effective teaching skills for both the clinical and didactic setting.
  • Understand their own perspectives on teaching and learning and know how these influence their teaching.
  • Be able to recognize and apply the diverse methods of instruction.
  • Be able to apply the concepts of giving and receiving feedback to improve teaching and learning.
  • Understand and apply the concepts of a Community of Practice (CoP) to advance their ongoing professional development as an educator.

VETS Program Content

  • VETS 1.0/Fundamentals
    • Student-focused, interactive teaching in the classroom​
    • Course development and alignment​
    • Assessment development and alignment
  • VETS 2.0/VETS Selectives
    • Single-topic workshops featuring a “deep dive” into the subject, typically relevant to didactic teaching
  • VETS Clinical Teaching
    • Workshops focused on strategies and practices for teaching in laboratory clinical spaces.

2024 VetEd ePoster

Gordon-Ross, P., Gizerian, S., Halsey, R., Levi, O., & West, A. (July 2024). Insights Gained from a Decade of Evidence-Based Pedagogy Training and Development Delivered through a Multi-institutional Model. Peer-reviewed podium poster presentation at VetEd 2024 (International symposium of Veterinary School Council): ePoster in Dublin, Ireland.


Previous VETS Programs:

    • Pilot Workshop: September 9-10 2016 – Corvallis, OR
    • 2017 Biennial Conference: Fort Collins, CO – July 10-12, 2017
    • Pre-RTA Biennial Conference Workshop (VETS 1.0 & VETS 2.0) – Davis, CA – June 22-24, 2019
    • 2021 RTA Biennial Conference Pre-Conference Workshop (VETS 1.0) – July 10-12 – Virtual Conference
    • June 28, 2022 – Pre-Conference 4-hour Workshop at the Veterinary Educator Conference (VEC) – Manhatten, KS
    • 2023 VETS Pre-Conference Workshops at the RTA Biennial Conference – Corvallis, OR
      1. July 16 – Per-Conference: Clinical Teaching Workshop
      2. July 17 – Pre-Conference: VETS Selective – How to Get Started with Team-Based Learning (TBL)
    • VETS Workshop: 2024 – Pheonix, AZ – Midwestern University February 19-20, 2024