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The Teaching Academy was established to identify, share, and leverage expertise across the five institutions in the Consortium of West Region Colleges of Veterinary Medicine. The Academy will support the development and implementation of best practices and scholarship in veterinary medical education.

The Academy was created to:

  • Generate innovative concepts for the advancement of veterinary education
  • Develop, review and disseminate best practices in veterinary education
  • Contribute to and promote the development of instructional/teaching scholarships
  • Provide, promote and develop educational/instructional leadership
Membership in the Consortium Teaching Academy is by nomination and is a recognition of commitment to and excellence in teaching-related activities. Potential new members may be nominated to a four-year term by current Teaching Academy Fellow or the Dean of a member institution (link to bylaws). Fellows are expected to be actively engaged in the mission of the Academy, which is to serve as a working group for the benefit of educators at all of the Consortium member institutions. If you are interested in becoming an RTA Fellow, speak with your institution representative and fill out the 2023 application word (pdf). The Teaching Academy Bylaws