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Conference Schedule

The 2023 Summer Conference hosted by the Teaching Academy of the Consortium of West Region Colleges of Veterinary Medicine is packed with exceptional opportunities and experiences. Outlined below is the schedule of the conference.


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July 16, Sunday:

8:00 AM – 5:00 PM PST: Pre-Conference Workshop: Enhancing Clinical Teaching: Focus on Wellness, Active Learning, and Feedback

5:00 PM PST: Pre-Conference Social Event

July 17, Monday:

8:00 AM – 4:30 PM PST: Pre-Conference Workshop: How to get Started with Team-Based Learning (TBL)

5:00 PM PST: Conference Kick-off EventCommon Fields, 545 SW 3rd St, Corvallis

July 18, Tuesday:

8:00 am PST: Welcome  Dean Tornquist (OSU)

8:15 am PST: Diversity, Equity, & Inclusion  – Alberta Arviso (UA) 

8:45 am PST: RTA Committee Presentations

  1. Steering Committee – Paul Avery (CSU)
  2. Faculty Development Initiative –
    1. Program Delivery and Evaluation – Scholarship Committee Andrew West (CSU)
    2. Student Assessment – Briedi Gillespie (WSU)
    3. Educator Well-Being – Karen Boudreaux (UC-Davis)
    4. Clinical Teaching – Tandi Ngwenyama (OSU)
    5. VETS Fundamentals –
    6. VETS Selective –
  3. Quantification of Teaching Effort and Effectiveness Initiative –Julie Dechant (UCD) & Diana Hassel (CSU)
  4. External Review of Teaching Initiative-  Maria Fahie & Peggy Barr (WU)
  5. Membership Committee – Karen Boudreaux (UCD)
  6. Diversity, Equity, & Inclusion (DEI) Interest Group – Malika Kachani (WUHS)

10:00 am PST: Break

10:30 am PST: Keynote Speaker: Dr. Ben Wiggins – “Making classroom culture work for your learning goals

11:30 pm PST: Lunch & Guest Speaker – Dr. Andrew McCabe – The Future of Veterinary Medical Education

12:30 pm PST: Keynote Workshop – “Activating your classroom: Building an active learning format from your existing lecture materials Session Co-chairs:

2:30 pm PST: Break

3:00 pm PST: Scholarship Session– Peer reviewed (podium presentations of accepted abstracts) Session Chair: Maria Fahia (WUHS)

  1. Bridging the Gap: The Impact of Peer Coaching on Senior Veterinary Students’ Clinical Communication Skills. Presented by Jeff Thoren, DVM, PCC, BCC, Clinical Assistant Professor – Veterinary Communication, Midwestern University, AZ & Rachel Kreisler
  2. The Power of Mentorship: The Effect of Peer versus Faculty Coaching in Veterinary Communication Simulation Labs. Presented by Jeffrey Thoren, DVM, PCC, BCC, Clinical Assistant Professor – Veterinary Communication, Midwestern University, AZ & Rachel Kreisler
  3. Self-Efficacy and Learning Resource Selection in the Post-Pandemic Self-Regulated Learner: A Mixed Method Analysis. Presented by Jason F. Martin, DVM MS, Colorado State University, Colorado
  4. The Effects of Preoperative Warm-Ups on the Performance of Live Dog Laparoscopic Ovariectomy by Veterinary Medical Students. Presented by Ohad Levi (WUHS) & Shane Forman

4:15 pm PST: Innovation Session Session Chair: Maria Fahia (WUHS)

  1. Vital Circuitry: A Real-Life Flipped Classroom in Vet Med EdPresented by Daniel Johnson & Sallianne Schlacks (UA)
  2. Allele: A Powerful Tool for Engaged LearningPresented by Daniel Johnson (UA)
  3. Mock Conferences: Creating Student EngagementPresented by Daniel Johnson (UA)
  4. The Sum of the Parts: Teaching Clinical Reasoning Via CasesPresented by Daniel Johnson & Sharon Dial (UA)
  5. Educating the Next Generation of One Health Veterinary PractitionersPresented by Jennifer Wishnie (UA)

5:30 PM  – 7:30 PM PST: Social & Dinner Event 

July 19, Wednesday:

7:30 am PST: Hike/Walk

8:30 am PST: External Peer Review of Teaching Workshop Session Chair: Maria Fahia (WUHS)

9:45 am PST: Break

10:00 am PST: Proposal to Form an RTA Working Group to Transform Veterinary Education: Sharing of Research-Based Training, Instructional Materials, and Methods Designed to Enhance Student, Faculty, and Academic Staff Success Facilitator – Holly Bender (UA)

11:30 pm PST: Lunch

12:30 pm PST: Scholarship Session – Peer reviewed (podium presentations of accepted abstracts) – Session Chair: Maria Fahia (WUHS)

  1. Mixed-mode learning: Adoption of cognitive, social, and teaching presence elements on clinical rotations. Presented by Munashe Chigerwe BVSc, MPH, PhD, DACVIM, MSc (Vet Educ), (UC-Davis)
  2. Examining the Isolating Relationship Between Race and Ability in College STEM Group Work. Presented by Naomi Nishi, Ph.D. Ph.D. in Education and Human Development from the University of Colorado; MA in International and Intercultural Communication from the University of Denver; BS in Scientific and Technical Communication from Michigan Technological University

1:10 pm PST: Teaching Innovations

  1. Reframing everything in a Clinical Context: Is it feasible? Necessary? Presented by Sarah Carotenuto (UA)
  2. Breaking Up the Monotony of the Flipped Classroom Presented by Sarah Carotenuto (UA)
  3. Fear-Free and Demystified: Enhancing Teaching Through Peer Observation at Washington State University College of Veterinary Medicine Presented by Susan Matthew, Ph.D. BVSc(Hons) BSc(Vet)(Hons) GradCertEdStud(HigherEd) (WSU)
  4. Developing asynchronous modules for literature searching, critical appraisal and citation for veterinary students in Case-based Learning. Using e-learning software, iSpring, and comparisons to last year’s similar model using Adobe Captivate. Presented by Erik Fausak (UC-Davis)
  5. Mindfulness in 5 minutes: Developing a mindful tea meditation to reduce stress and improve well-being for the busy clinician and student. Presented by Erik Fausak (UC-Davis)
  6. Advanced Training in Food Animal Practice—Enhanced Education in Rural Practice, Food Safety and Public Health. Presented by Jessie Ziegler, Clemence Chako, Brina Lopez, Chris Winslow (MidWestern)
  7. Imitating a bacterium’s biased random walk in the classroom as an active learning exercise to understand chemotaxis and flagella’s movement. Presented by Carolina Mehaffy (CSU)

2:35 pm PST: Break

3:00 pm PST: QTEE Workshop Session Co-Chairs: Diane Hassell (CSU) & Julie Dechant (UC-D)

4:00 pm PST: Break

4:15 pm PST: Teaching Innovations

  1. Training the Facilitator: Developing an eLearning module to enhance clinical teaching for a high-fidelity role-playing simulation Presented by Rachel Halsey, DVM, GCertEd (Research Methods) (WSU)
  2. Coupling Science Communication Training with Immunology Content Presented by Philip Mixter, Ph.D. (WSU)
  3. Are students learning for the test? A three-stage process to enhance assessment as a learning tool Presented by Jeffrey Abbott, DVM, Ph.D. (WSU)
July 20, Thursday:

7:30 am PST: Yoga  – Lead by Dr. Marie Holowaychuk

8:30 am PST: Wellness Keynote Seminar – It’s Veterinary Practice, Not Perfect: Overcoming Perfectionism and Imposter Syndrome Session Chair:

9:30 am PST: Break

10:00 am PST: Wellness Keynote Workshop: Restoring Resilience with Self-Compassion

11:30 am PST: Lunch

12:30 pm PST: The Learning Space: Where I Belong, Where You Belong, Where WE BelongSession Co-Chair:

1:30 pm PST: Conference Wrap-up & Reflection (everyone is encouraged to take part) – RTA Steering Committee – Samantha Gizerian (WSU)

2:15 pm PST: Conference Conclusion & Thank you