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External Peer Review of Teaching

Teaching Portfolio / Educator’s Reflective Document:

1. Instructions

Use this Instruction Document  to create to your teaching portfolio.  Note that it includes a more complete explanation on how to use the fillable forms (domain templates) below.

2. Domain Templates * See instructions document (above) before using these templates
  • *NOTE: See instructions at bottom of this page for info on how to use and edit / unprotect these templates (fillable forms)

3. Examples of Completed Templates

UCSF ExamplesThis is the system on which ours is based. Scroll to the bottom of this page to see some good examples of completed UCSF templates. 

RTA Examples – Some vet med examples from the RTA (a work in progress!) Please feel free to submit some examples of your own. We would be pleased to provide some preliminary feedback.
PURPOSE:  The RTA’s Educator’s Promotion Packet guidelines and format are intended to (a) to provide an evidence-based dossier template for faculty with significant teaching and/or educational leadership responsibilities, so that (b) promotion packets might be more fairly and rigorously reviewed – including, ideally, by qualified external reviewers.  The format represents an evidence-based approach, and has been modified from the AAMC Toolbox for Medical Educators


      1. Each of these fillable forms can be downloaded. Download and enter text into the active areas as directed. Then use “save as” to rename and save the document to your own folder. You should be able to edit your text as needed. The completed table can then be inserted into your portfolio. The easiest way to combine documents for your portfolio may be to save each completed document as a PDF and use a program that allows you to combine PDF’s (e.g. Adobe Pro).
      2. To unprotect a template for more extensive editing or formatting, do this:
        • In Word, click on the FILE tab (usually in the upper LEFT corner).
        • This opens up a drop box. Click on RESTRICT EDITING.
        • At the very bottom of this panel, click on STOP PROTECTION.
        • A Restrict Editing panel will open/expand on the right when you stop protection.
        • Now you can edit as you care to! Save as needed.
          • In the Restrict Editing panel, under “3. Start Enforcement” Click on YES, START ENFORCING PROTECTION
          • A Protection Window will open. Do NOT enter a password.
          • Just click OK (without a password, it is protected but not password protected – which is what we want)
          • Save and close. Your document is now edited and re-protected.