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External Peer Review of Teaching

The SIX domains/categories based on the AAMC Toolbox for Evaluating Educators


Educators’ activities and responsibilities will vary widely, depending on their individual appointments and their department or college.  FEW if any individual portfolios will provide evidence for ALL categories or for all indicators listed under each domain – especially early in an educator’s career. 

Please note also that assessment of these examples is often difficult because each example is viewed outside the context of the complete promotion dossier.  As a result, important information that is provided elsewhere in the packet is not available.  The examples, including reviewer comments, are a work in progress that will be updated and revised as more packets are reviewed. For now, these are intended to provide a preliminary view of what a submission in a domain might look like.

RTA Domain ExamplesCOMING SOON

Domain-Specific RTA Examples
CV = Educator’s CV entry, ES = Executive Summary example,
TP = Teaching Portfolio Domain example, Apx = Appendix
1a: Teaching activities

D. Hendrickson, DVM, PhD, DACVS

S. Hines, DVM, PhD, DACVP

CV   ES   TP   Apx

CV   ES   TP   Apx

1b: Development of Enduring Educational Materials D. Hendrickson, DVM, PhD, DACVS
S. Hines, PhD, DACVP
J. Watson, DVM, PhD, DACVIM
CV   ES   TP   Apx
CV   ES   TP   Apx
CV   ES   TP   Apx
1c: Educational Professional Development  S. Hines, PhD, DACVP CV   ES   TP   Apx
1d: Teaching Awards  E. Suchman, PhD CV
2:  Mentoring and Advising  T. Clapp, PhD
P. Chappell, PhD
CV   ES   TP   Apx
CV   ES   TP   Apx
3:  Learner Assessment  W. Davis, PhD
P. Mixter, PhD
CV   ES   TP   Apx
CV   ES   TP   Apx
 4:  Educational Research  E. Suchman, PhD CV   ES   TP   Apx
 5:  Curriculum & Program Development    
6:  Educational Leadership & Administration P. Barr, DVM, PhD CV   ES   TP   Apx

UCSF ExamplesThis is the system on which ours is based. Scroll to the bottom of this page to see some good examples of completed UCSF templates.